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How Does Ibotta Work????

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Hey Team,

I am frequently asked this question:

How Does Ibotta Work????

So here are some answers for you:


How Does Ibotta Work


Not sure about ibotta yet? It’s super easy to use and cashes out at a low payout to your Paypal account. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

What is ibottaibotta? (Sign up hereSign up here)

ibotta is a rewards program that is part social, part survey and part rebate and runs 100% through your compatible smart device. It is available for Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod if the systems are new enough to support the app. The offers change from time to time and have varied by user in the past. Eventually, as you complete offers you get more offers and they are supposed to be tailored to your purchasing history.

The app also includes expiration dates, fresh offers, new offer alerts, fast store selection and ways to earn by tweeting!

Where can you earn?

Currently over 41 retailers. Some offers are store specific. Your app let’s you know if they are.

How do you earn?

It’s very simple really. You go to the offers page and start looking around for products you will buy.

IMG 2066 640x960  IMG 2067 640x960

You can scroll through the offers four at a time to find what you want. Once you find something you are interested in, tap it to open it in it’s own window. Then, you complete the various actions to unlock your rewards.

After you have unlocked the rewards you want, you go shopping at a participating store to buy the items. You can buy the items on sale, with coupons and even receive other instant savings and on your next shopping order offers and still submit for the ibotta reward and it won’t reduce what you earn.

After you have completed your purchase at the store, you go into the app. Select “Redeem” from the menu in the upper left, choose your store and go through the process. You snap a picture of your receipt and select the items you are redeeming and scan the barcode. If you purchased the correct item, it will tell you the offer matched and you can go on to any other items you purchased.

After you have completed your submission, ibottaibotta will review the submission and approve it within 24 hours if all is well. After they have approved it, you will get a notice in your email and the app.

When you first sign up for ibotta and redeem 2 offers in the first 2 weeks you are a member, you get a $2.00 bonus in your account.IMG 2068

Plus, keep your eye out for social sharing bonuses and special events bonuses. They have started rolling out fun offers that give you more money just for submitting certain deals on certain days.


So the answer to the question How Does Ibotta Work, is answered.

How do you get your money?

You need a Paypal account to get your money (it’s free, get one) and must have a minimum of $5.00 in your ibotta account before you can cash out. When you go to cash out you select “Get My Cash” or “Donate to Schools”. When cashing out to Paypal, you select Paypal, enter the amount up to your total, hit “Submit” and “Confirm” then enter your ibottaibotta password and submit. You will get a message telling you if it went through or not. If it did, it should show in your Paypal account within minutes.

Additional Tips~

If you don’t like the offers you have available, view the individual offer and then tap the image. It will take you to an additional screen that allows you to rate the offer. Let them know what you love or don’t so they can bring the right offers to you.

How does ibotta work? Hopefully you know now. A few people have had problems with the app not working and as far as that goes the best suggestion is to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so they can help you.


Thanks for the helpful info from Paul at I Heart the Mart!

This Coach doesn't like to spend time re-doing something that is already done well, so I try to give credit where credit is due! Thanks for this Paul!

~Coach Kelly